Spring Game Thoughts 2013

Apr 14, 2013 -- 12:45pm


B. Williams - RB.  He was the star of the game, the day.  Speed kills and he is an assasin.  From the shoes, to the smile, to the TD celebrations - he was amazing.  We have heard all kinds of hype and praise since the day he showed up at A&M, what an incredible first impression.

JFF - QB  - Heisman Winner.   He came off as a rock star.  He came off as the Heisman winner.  He shined as the most interesting man in college footall (in the world is taken).  Sure, there was no pash rush and all but from the Dude Perfect video to throwing the block to just airing it to how ESPN talked about him, Johnny Manziel had yet another incredilbe day.

Edward Pope - WR.  Made some nice catches.  I really liked hands and strength with contact.



Defense.  There was none.  This game was set up for the offense and JFF to shine on ESPN to the country and to the fans in the stands.  At one point, Herbie said it looked like 7-on-7 out there.  And it did.  

The Backup QB's.   They looked bad.  I understand a backup QB with backup O-line with backup WR corps but in the end, to many passes skipped in and to many bad reads or no reads.



Kicking game.  Punting and point attempting.   Really was unimpressed with Kaser's punting.  No rush,  no return, take the snap and boom it.   No boom.

Battered Aggie Syndrome = Bertolet lining up for a kick.  Some of his FG attempts were shaky, I mean just butt ugly.  And he of course mised an XP.  He missed an XP, in a spring game, with no rush, no pressure.  Really blew my mind.  I really didn't care the penatly backed it up.  He looked like a nightmare out there.


It was an incredible day for Aggie Football.  A two hour infomercial on ESPN.   They loved this A&M team, the camera loved the crowd, the event.  JFF came off as a rock star, Heisman winner, and most exciting guy in the game.  Sumlin was cool talking to the gang.  Having Herbie say you are a legit national championship contender will never be a bad thing.   A record crowd of 45,212 speaks to the excitement of and for Aggie football right now.

This Spring game just continued the momentum from last season that built from bowl game, that built from signing day, and now built some more with the M&W game.  Everything is in place for a magical 2013 season.


SEC Media Days start July 16th

Player report first of August

A&M vs Rice on August 31st at Kyle Field

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